Powerland generators are an extremely useful tool for emergency situation

Portable generators have the capacity to provide the users with unmatched benefits to people all over the world. They provide backup in most complex and emergency situations. Whether small or large, they are highly beneficial in all situations. Here are some of the situations where they come handy:

· As a backup residential power:

Portable generators provide complete backup to the homeowners as power outages have become quite common all over the world. Whether it is raining a lot or there is too much heat, these Powerland Generators play their role in creating power problems and having a proper backup unit will provide you with enough electricity for your lights.


· Recreational Luxury Purpose

Another great use of these generators is that they provide enough power backup to support recreational activities. You can easily power up your portable lights, coffee makers, or other devices through these generators. You can also charge your phone through these generators.

· Great for the Adventure purposes

Since these units are compact, portable, and lightweight, they are great for adventure purpose like road trips, caravanning and others. You can hook up your appliances to cook and heat your food, charge your devices and get light at nights.


· Extra Power backup on site:

Sometimes it happens that there is not enough electricity at the job site which creates hurdles in accomplishing the job. Construction and other landscaping tools can be powered through industrial portable generator, recharging the devices to accomplish the job.

· Backup Power for Smaller Businesses

When the power goes out, small businesses go down often through these jobs. Having an electricity backup can keep the devices and appliances for long time.

· Safety in Bad Weather or Natural Disaster

Not everything is planned and predicted in life and thus, you should prepare yourself. Long power cuts due to natural disasters and bad weather are not uncertain or uncommon. These power backup units can help to keep your home calm and lighted during such hours. Having a portable power unit can help to charge the phone, switch the radio, running pump during natural disasters and bad weather conditions.

· Comfort during the Storm

Not only these generators are useful during power cuts and outages, they are completing comfortable to keep you content whenever you are left in dark. The generators will help you to keep freezers and refrigerators working in summers and heaters during winter. This helps to keep the food safe from perishing and restocking whenever needed.

· Keep Emergency Equipment Running

Most of the hospitals and medical institution rely on electricity backup to keep their emergency equipments and medical instruments working in order to keep the lives and patients safe from mishaps. Portable generators can help to keep the lives patients safe from mishaps. Portable generators can help those who need running medical equipments at home for their loves ones none of the complications arise.


Electric generators are a powerful and reliable source of electricity in emergency

Can you avoid surprises? Can you predict when the next breakout will happen? Are you capable of knowing when a hurricane will hit your city? Are you sure of electricity supply in your area? Do you have so much confidence in your electricity supplier that they can restore electricity quickly in case of power outages?


If the answer to even a single question mentioned above is No then this article is worth read for you. We are going to discuss the growing importance of electric generators. They are a great alternative source of electricity and some come up with great capacity as well. Small scale generators can help to power up 220 Volts electric fans and lights for 12 hours in darkness. Improvised small generators are usually electrically or battery powered machine. The generators come handy in small and underdeveloped villages as they can replace and substitute the damaged electric poles in the specific area.

After all, it usually takes them days to get repaired. These generators are small enough to be carried by two people and have enough kick and power that can light up a house or a working business in case of blackouts. The high-end Powerland Electricity generator is another thing worth buying. They are large and can run several houses at once. However, they occupy large spaces and can fit into a small sized room.


Electric generators have been specially made to alternate power source whenever unexpected and undesirable power outages happen. It is a reliable source in case of blackouts and disasters. Just imagine what if an electric mall or a restaurant does not have a power backup and a blackout occurs? Lots of people will be stuck in elevators and suffer or they might be trapped within the restaurant and the uncooked food will perish.

The importance of being prepared before something bad happens is often neglected these days. People are totally ignorant of what can happen in the case of sudden power outage or prolonged power cuts.  We are dependent on lights and appliance for our survivals and the moment these gadgets get out of power, we are confused and terrified. Electric generators can help you in times of need and support your survival in such unexpected and destructive situations.

It is well said that no one can strike those who are always prepared and it pays a lot for most of the times. Being prepared makes a big difference. Therefore, nowadays, you must own an electric generator at home and keep yourself from any darkness and accident due to sudden power shortage and blackouts. They will help you to continue your usual life without electricity. Do not let a power cut let you down. Learn how  to deal with the situation. For a reliable purchase, you can switch to Power Land Depot. They are the leading power generator suppliers offering electric generators, tri-fuel generators, portable gas generators, gasoline generators and more. The company holds a name in terms of performance and competency with the needs.

Now power generating machines are becoming quite popular for households

Households, that are tired of facing power cuts and outages are slowly moving towards purchasing power generators. While they have been into existence for decades for commercial use, it is lately that they are being used for household purposes as well. They are an essential resort to tackle the power changes in an era where almost everything is feeding itself on electricity. Whenever there is a problem your fridge, microwave, phone, TV, computer and lights, almost everything comes to a halt. A power generating machine can provide you all the comfort.


Business too have been benefitting from such power generators. But why they have become a part of households? Here is your answer:

They are easy to use:

Power generator by powerland does not require the user to be a rocket scientist in order to operate their generators. They are portable and mobile and you don’t even require any form of technical skill to turn them on. All you need is to follow the instructions, add fuels or oils in timely manner and your generator will soon be running. You need to press the button or pull the recoil that depends on the model you own. Furthermore, they are easier to maintain and do not take a lot of time for cleaning.

Perfectly Safe to Use

When it comes to using device that runs on fuel or electricity, most of the people tend to become a little bit concerned for their safety. But the branded generators come with comprehensive safety features that reduce the risk of damage manifolds and thus, taking the count of injuries to zero literally.


Each of such generators are implemented with a circuit breaker protection to allow counteract the overloads. There are effective mechanisms to regulate the voltage as well. Some of them come with inverter technology that allows the production of clean energy which is safe to power your electricity generating device.

If you are running your generator on a lower oil level, then too, the motor will shut off and thus extending the life of the device.

It Can Be a Lifesaver

Good quality generators come handy in the need of emergency, natural disasters or storms. They help you use TV and radio and keep yourself informed about the conditions so that you can arrange the safety measure for evacuation. They are of immense use when your area has faced bad weather conditions and you require backup electricity for a day or two. Moreover, they are also used in hospitals and medicine centers to support the machineries and save the life of patients.


There are plenty of benefits of using a portable electricity generating device. Not only for households, are they equally useful for businesses. Given its versatility and application area, you can gauge that they are not just important for recreational purposes and emergencies but also in general life.

The Reason why the Powerland electric generator is so popular in USA

Can you avoid any surprise? Can you predict when the blackout will happen in future? Are you capable of stopping a hurricane or any other hazard hitting your city? Are you certain of power supply of your area? Do you think that you can restore the power in case of power outage?

If the answer to above questions is yes, then this write up is right for you. Electric generators are a powerful and reliable source of electricity in emergency. Some come with great capacities while other can provide performance for a short time period. If your purchase generators from brands like Powerland Electric Generator hen you can enlighten you entire house without any worries as these generators have power to charge your house for a few hours.


These generators have become a favorite for the residents of remote area and small villages in USA. Moreover, they are also being adopted by big companies and offices as they can substitute for the damaged electric poles, electricity outages and other emergency situations. Any problem that will take days to get repaired and restored like hurricane, heavy rains or other natural hazards can be tackled through these generators. Electric generators are being made as an alternative power source whenever you deal with unexpected power outages. Serving as a reliable source during blackouts, these generators are portable and require small space to be placed.

In US, the energy cuts are sky rocketing and thus, these electricity generators are becoming more and more popular. Moreover, they also help people together with the environmental concerns. The best part is that they are increasingly becoming easy and portable. You just need to clock ON switch to acquire the power you wanted. For other than emergency purposes, there are several other reasons and needs, where you will be using electricity generator at home or in office.

When you make a decision to buy electricity generator, you need to learn and ponder on how to utilize them efficiently and keep a list handy to know what features you need. Firstly, you need to recognize where you will be utilizing it.

The more power you seek from these devices, the more elevated prices you need to pay. Consult some professional to decide what size of generator you will need to get your home or office charged. While the ordinary fuel generator consist of diesel, propane or gasoline power generators but as usual, each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is, at all times, practical for you to make sure and check for product reviews prior to purchasing them.

And the rest, a company that has never failed to deliver quality, right prices and long life products is sure to rule the hearts of customers, irrespective of its location. Powerland Generators offers a wide range of generators with different fuels and capacity that are suitable for a myriad of application areas.

Purchase a good Tri-fuel generator and able to use it very easily

There are some applications where there is a need for a steady and reliable power supply and power backup. Also, the power supply should be able to take care of the heavy-duty power needs. For example, manufacturing industries have to make sure that they have the constant electricity supply even when there is outage. This is the reason why they go for the high-quality generators. There are some power backup machines that work on the triple fuel technology. These machines are designed in a very complicated way. But when it comes to their use, no matter how intricately their internal components work, they should be easy to operate from the outside. Here is how these types of power supplying equipments are easy to operate and are extremely useful.


How do they become easy to operate?

With such complexities in the internal design, one might wonder how these power supplying machines could be able to operate so smoothly and easily. The truth is that a tri-fuel generator by PowerLand meant for the heavy industrial use is relatively more difficult to handle as compared to the regular household ones. But the word ‘ease’ is relative. It is not fair to compare the industrial equipment with the household equipment. It should be compared with its equal counterparts that are used for the similar applications. So, when we look at the different power generating equipments for the heavy industrial uses, we find that they are much easier handle, operate, and even maintain.

The industries may require in-house engineers for operation

The large-sized tri-fuel generator that can cater to the power needs of heavy industrial operations does require the due care and maintenance. It is not easy for a layman to handle it. There are many things to know and take care of. These machines also come with the big panels where there are several readings to be aware of. This is why someone who has the knowledge of these machines has to be present at the site. But, as already mentioned, these generators are much easier to operate as compared to the other such machines.


They are just like owning your own power grid

In the heavy industries, such as automotive or aviation industry, we see that several towering generators are installed in order to meet the power needs of the operations. The power supply from the power grid is often not reliable and thus the industries have to have their own power supply. The setup, when looked from outside, may seem like a miniature power grid establishment in itself within the industrial premises. They can take care of all the heavy duty loads.

They are indeed easy to use

The truth is that these power supplying machines are normally very easy to use even when they look huge. This is because every time there is an outage or need for the power supply they do not need to be started manually. Instead, they come with the feature called auto-start which gets them working instantly the moment they detect the power outage.


Portable gas generator is the best option power supply options

What was the last time you had to use the power backup to light up your home or office? The truth is that power outages in the US are rare and this is why most of us do not feel the need to own a generator or any other power backup equipment. But then, we often forget that the power outages, however rare, still happen. When such an outage happens we wished we had a power backup. Those are the time when we are reminded of these power backup machines. But do you really need an outage to use these machines? There are some areas that are off-grid and if we need to spend time there with electricity we will need this equipment. There are many fuel options available when it comes to these machines. However, for the household use we need the portable option and the gas fuel seems to be the best. Here are some of the reasons why.


 It is highly dependable

There is a reason why so many people are buying the Powerland Portable gas generator these days. First of all, natural gas is one of the most eco-friendly fuels available today. Also, it is highly energy-efficient. It has proven to be of some really great benefits when it comes to the domestic use. The availability of the fuel is one big reason that makes it so popular. The supply pipeline is always there to provide the gas to you. This means that you do not need to go somewhere and buy it.

Storage is never a problem

Another reason why the Powerland portable gas generator is so popular is the fact that the fuel does not require any storage. If you are using the liquid fuel such as gasoline or diesel you will need to find a way to store it at home so that you don’t have to often keep running to the pump. Since natural gas is available through the home supply line this is why it is always available. There is absolutely no need to store it. Also, there are times when there is oil shortage. But, the natural gas is never in short supply; it is always available. Natural gas is even better than propane since the latter is not always readily available.


It is greener

If you would compare the natural gas to diesel, gasoline, or coal, you will find that it burns more cleanly than the others. This is why it does not contribute to the environmental pollution. If you are using a generator that uses gas fuel you will never find any pungent odour filling the house.

It is more cost effective

The purchase price of the generators running on gas is much less; so there are cost savings there. Secondly, natural gas is also quite cheaper to the other fuels such as diesel or gasoline. This means that over a prolonged period of use, there could be significant savings on the running cost.

Besides the above, the portable gensets offer mobility and are extremely easy to use.

The Advantages of Dual-fuel Generator for your Home

The generators that use two fuels are becoming quite common these days. This is because they offer a number of advantages. Earlier they were only being used by the industries but today they are becoming quite popular in the households as well.


It is more reliable

It will not be an exaggeration to say that this type of power supply is more reliable than single-fuel counterpart. Let’s imagine that there are two households – one has single-fuel product and the other one has two fuel product. Let’s also assume that the single-fuel one runs on propane gas and the bi fuel uses propane as well as gasoline. There has been a shortage of propane supply and both the homeowners did not even feel the need as there had been no power cut. However, one day the power cut does happen and there is a need to turn the generator on. Since there is no propane, the homeowner with single-fuel will not be able to turn the backup power supply on. On the other hand, since gasoline is easily available, the second homeowner will get the desired power supply. So, you have every reason to go for the dual-fuel generator by PowerLand. What’s better is the fact that this company is known for manufacturing some really high quality power backup supplies. You can always rely on this company for your power needs.

Automatic switching

Some people think that the two-fuel power supply option could create lots of hassles as one will need to keep switching the fuel from time to time. Well, this is not completely wrong. After all, there were such power supplies which required your regular attention. Who will want to do that? Thankfully, we have the dual-fuel generator by PowerLand. You might wonder why. The answer is pretty simple. This company designs some of the most incredible and technologically advanced power supplies. This is why they come with the auto-switch feature. The engine of these products is capable of automatically switching between the fuels and chooses the one which is most efficient. This simply means that all the hassles are sidestepped for you. But this does not mean that you cannot use the fuel of your choice. Just turn the automatic feature off and use the fuel you want to.


They offer more choice

Different fuels have different pros and cons. At one time you may want to use one type of fuel and at the other time you want to use another type. You may want this to optimize the efficiency of power supply and to leverage on the benefits of different types of fuels. This is the liberty that is offered by the power supplies that use two different fuels. For example, if your generator uses gasoline and propane, you can utilize the benefits of both. This is something that is not possible with the single-fuel power supply. The good thing is that you do not have to empty the fuel tank before you can fill the other fuel. There are two tanks for two fuels.

PowerLand is trusted suppliers of generators in the United States

While buying the generator, the most important thing to consider is the company. The supplier you are buying from must be reputed and trusted. There is no doubt that PowerLand is quite trusted in the USA. Here are some major reasons why.


Their devices are totally safe

While buying the power backup like this the first thing you want to be sure of is that they are safe. Whether you are buying it for your home or for the office you have to make sure that everyone remains safe. You can buy PowerLand generator because they are the most trusted brand in the whole of the USA. They leave no stone unturned in making sure that their devices are completely safe. The range of security features they have included with their devices is absolutely amazing. The fact is that you can completely trust them and buy the power backup from them for whichever place you want them for.

Their devices provide steady power supply

Just go ahead and buy the PowerLand generator for sale. It will be a great move. If you are looking for steady and uninterrupted power supply this is the company to buy the power backup from. There is barely any doubt that the people always want the steady power supply. The company has incorporated the most modern features to ensure that the voltage regulation is absolutely perfect. This means that you will not witness any fluctuations and you will get seamless supply of electricity. They are not only great for households but also for commercial spaces as well as heavy duty industries.


They have all types of power backups

What’s even more amazing about this company is that they have all types of power backups. So, whether you are looking for diesel, gasoline, gas, or tri-fuel generator they have it all. But what’s even better is that they have specialized in making all types of power backups and not just one type. So, all their products are of highest quality. All of their power backup devices are completely safe. Also, you can always count on them for reliable power supply. This is why they are the most trusted suppliers in the United States.

They provide great after sales service

The problem with most of the companies is that the after sales service is not very good. So, once you have bought the power backup you will have to keep calling them when you need the servicing. But this is definitely not the case with this company. They have the excellent after sales service. Their customer service department is willing to help you at all times. This means that you can always count on them.

Various applications of their products

Besides households, their power backup products are used in a wide range of industries including hospitals, schools, churches, conference halls, auditoriums, manufacturing industries, automobile, and just about any place where power backup is required. Since they are so trusted you can always rely on them for top-grade power products.

World Class Generators for Every Industry

Who we are

A product at a store has to go through a number of middlemen before it is available to the end user. Between manufacturer and consumer there are middlemen like distributor, dealer, retailer, and sometimes even more. Every middleman wants their share of profit. So, who ends up paying for the profit earned by everyone in between? It is the consumer. But this is not the case with PowerLand. We are the direct factory store and we have been in service to our customers since 2007. We have been supplying top-grade generators to our customers directly from our factory. We also provide the top-notch generator parts to our consumers. By cutting the middlemen from between, and reaching out to the customers directly, we are able to provide these high quality generators at the most affordable prices. We work on a very simple motto: reduce the hurdles between manufacturing and consumer and cut down the prices.


We are one of the most trusted suppliers of generators in the United States. We are known for our quality products and top-class service. No matter the type of generator you are looking for, we have everything for you. You can always rely on us for quality products and best after sales services.

What we do

We manufacture and supply various types of engines/motors, generators, construction tools, and accessories. Whether you are looking for gasoline generators, dual fuel generators, triple fuel generators, or generator welders we have it all.

Engine/Motors: We have gas engines of various power levels featuring both recoil and electric start. You can buy up to 16HP engines with us.


Gasoline Generators: We have up to 4400 watt gas generator featuring electric start. The top level engine costs $299.99, which is extremely competitive.

Heavy Duty Generators: If you are looking for heavy duty generators with higher power and higher fuel capacity you have come to the right place. Our dual and triple fuel generators are best suited for the heavy duty uses. They are also very affordable.

Generator welders: We also have the high quality generator welders. No matter your welding needs, we have the right product for you. Our generator welders feature the recoil and electric start and come with the welding leads.

Construction tools and accessories: We also have lots of construction tools and accessories for various needs.

Why choose us

There are many reasons why you will want to choose Powerland Depot for your generator needs. First of all, as above mentioned, we have removed all the middlemen in the supply chain and reach out to you directly. This is the reason why our generators are the most affordable in the market.

We provide high-quality generators and accessories. Whether you have a personal, commercial, or industrial need, you can always rely on our products.

We provide free shipping to the 48 lower states. We only use the most trusted shipping carriers to deliver our products. UPS and FedEx are some of our shipping partners.

We offer free and safe online transactions. We also give 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if the product is damaged or defective.

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