The Advantages of Dual-fuel Generator for your Home

The generators that use two fuels are becoming quite common these days. This is because they offer a number of advantages. Earlier they were only being used by the industries but today they are becoming quite popular in the households as well.


It is more reliable

It will not be an exaggeration to say that this type of power supply is more reliable than single-fuel counterpart. Let’s imagine that there are two households – one has single-fuel product and the other one has two fuel product. Let’s also assume that the single-fuel one runs on propane gas and the bi fuel uses propane as well as gasoline. There has been a shortage of propane supply and both the homeowners did not even feel the need as there had been no power cut. However, one day the power cut does happen and there is a need to turn the generator on. Since there is no propane, the homeowner with single-fuel will not be able to turn the backup power supply on. On the other hand, since gasoline is easily available, the second homeowner will get the desired power supply. So, you have every reason to go for the dual-fuel generator by PowerLand. What’s better is the fact that this company is known for manufacturing some really high quality power backup supplies. You can always rely on this company for your power needs.

Automatic switching

Some people think that the two-fuel power supply option could create lots of hassles as one will need to keep switching the fuel from time to time. Well, this is not completely wrong. After all, there were such power supplies which required your regular attention. Who will want to do that? Thankfully, we have the dual-fuel generator by PowerLand. You might wonder why. The answer is pretty simple. This company designs some of the most incredible and technologically advanced power supplies. This is why they come with the auto-switch feature. The engine of these products is capable of automatically switching between the fuels and chooses the one which is most efficient. This simply means that all the hassles are sidestepped for you. But this does not mean that you cannot use the fuel of your choice. Just turn the automatic feature off and use the fuel you want to.


They offer more choice

Different fuels have different pros and cons. At one time you may want to use one type of fuel and at the other time you want to use another type. You may want this to optimize the efficiency of power supply and to leverage on the benefits of different types of fuels. This is the liberty that is offered by the power supplies that use two different fuels. For example, if your generator uses gasoline and propane, you can utilize the benefits of both. This is something that is not possible with the single-fuel power supply. The good thing is that you do not have to empty the fuel tank before you can fill the other fuel. There are two tanks for two fuels.


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