World Class Generators for Every Industry

Who we are

A product at a store has to go through a number of middlemen before it is available to the end user. Between manufacturer and consumer there are middlemen like distributor, dealer, retailer, and sometimes even more. Every middleman wants their share of profit. So, who ends up paying for the profit earned by everyone in between? It is the consumer. But this is not the case with PowerLand. We are the direct factory store and we have been in service to our customers since 2007. We have been supplying top-grade generators to our customers directly from our factory. We also provide the top-notch generator parts to our consumers. By cutting the middlemen from between, and reaching out to the customers directly, we are able to provide these high quality generators at the most affordable prices. We work on a very simple motto: reduce the hurdles between manufacturing and consumer and cut down the prices.


We are one of the most trusted suppliers of generators in the United States. We are known for our quality products and top-class service. No matter the type of generator you are looking for, we have everything for you. You can always rely on us for quality products and best after sales services.

What we do

We manufacture and supply various types of engines/motors, generators, construction tools, and accessories. Whether you are looking for gasoline generators, dual fuel generators, triple fuel generators, or generator welders we have it all.

Engine/Motors: We have gas engines of various power levels featuring both recoil and electric start. You can buy up to 16HP engines with us.


Gasoline Generators: We have up to 4400 watt gas generator featuring electric start. The top level engine costs $299.99, which is extremely competitive.

Heavy Duty Generators: If you are looking for heavy duty generators with higher power and higher fuel capacity you have come to the right place. Our dual and triple fuel generators are best suited for the heavy duty uses. They are also very affordable.

Generator welders: We also have the high quality generator welders. No matter your welding needs, we have the right product for you. Our generator welders feature the recoil and electric start and come with the welding leads.

Construction tools and accessories: We also have lots of construction tools and accessories for various needs.

Why choose us

There are many reasons why you will want to choose Powerland Depot for your generator needs. First of all, as above mentioned, we have removed all the middlemen in the supply chain and reach out to you directly. This is the reason why our generators are the most affordable in the market.

We provide high-quality generators and accessories. Whether you have a personal, commercial, or industrial need, you can always rely on our products.

We provide free shipping to the 48 lower states. We only use the most trusted shipping carriers to deliver our products. UPS and FedEx are some of our shipping partners.

We offer free and safe online transactions. We also give 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if the product is damaged or defective.


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